Systemy rynnowe

Advantages and benefits

Proven shape

The StalGam System uses a traditional deep gutter profile, which ensures high drainage capacity even during heavy rainfall.

Quality of steel

Swedish GreenCoat® steel used for the production of StalGam gutters is made from the purest iron ore, which ensures quality for years.

High durability of sheets

The outer layer of gutters is additionally protected against the negative effects of harmful atmospheric factors.

Innovative solutions

StalGam gutter coatings retain their colour for years. To reduce the visibility of any damage, the prime coat is always in the colour of the top coat.

Easy installation

We know that time is money, so we make every effort our systems to be installed quickly and without any problem.

Wide choice of accessories

Additional elements complement the offer of the StalGam system, making it a complete and universal solution for any type of facility.

Aesthetic appearance

30-year perforation corrosion warranty

High mechanical strength

The elements of the StalGam system are made of extremely rigid steel.

Resistance to extreme temperatures

Green technology

Safe transportation


Recommended systems for individual types of objects.


Single family houses:

system 130/90 lub 130/100 (gutter 125 mm with downspout 87 mm or 100 mm).


Large residential, industrial and commercial buildings:

system 150/100 (gutter 150 mm with downspout 100 mm).