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Technical data

When choosing a gutter system, calculate the so-called effective roof area – the area from which the gutters and downspouts will have to drain water.


Below we present the maximum effective roof areas per one downspout for StalGam gutter systems.

System 130/90 System 150/100
Downspout location Gutter 125 mm
Downspout 87 mm
Gutter 150 mm
Downspout 100 mm
200 350
100 175
86 140

When calculating the effective roof area, use the following formula:


S = (B + 0,5 C) x L




Storage and transportation

Gutters and downspouts shall be transported in horizontal position, preferably on dedicated pallets. Materials must be secured against slipping and abrasion – we recommend using cardboard spacers at the point of contact.. Do not crush the packages or throw them, and while transporting the components, unload them manually.


It is not recommended to store StalGam materials outdoors . Always take care of a covered, dry place for storage or goods or cover them with a waterproof tarpaulin. Products  can be stacked horizontally to a maximum height of 1 m.