Segmented fittings

In addition to the PE pipes, we offer pressure fittings manufactured in black, blue or yellow depending on the use in the series: SDR11, SDR17, SDR17,6 and SDR26. For the manufacture of fittings we use the method of butt welding of polyethylene pipe segments. We recommend them particularly for distrubution networks of drinking water, municipal and industrial sewage, and liquid media and all media that do not react chemically with polyethylene and also for gas networks.


Gamrat SA offers the following segmented fittings:

  • bend 15°, 30° – two-segment bend,
  • bend 45°, 60° – three-segment bend,
  • bend 75°, 90° – four-segment bend,
  • reducing couplings,
  • equal tees,
  • reducing tees.

All segmented fittings have diameters in the range of 90-500mm. You can change the number of segments according to your requirements.