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PVC-U three-layer sewer pipes

We offer PVC-U three-layer pipes for sewerage. The pipe wall construction is obtained by coextrusion and consists of an outer and inner layer of polyvinyl chloride and a middle layer of solid, hard PVC recycled material. This pipe structure allows to maintain physical properties, such as ring stiffness, abrasion, chemical resistance, at the level of PVC-Usolid pipes. These pipes are manufactured in SN4 – SN8 ring stiffness classes and are used for:

  • underground non-pressurized drainage and sewage systems located in the ground within the road row (under or outside the road lane) or other areas used for road construction purposes,
  • covering other conduits and underpasses through road embankments,
  • draining bridge structures built as a part of road routes,
  • pipes with extended sockets can be laid in areas directly affected by mining damages.