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Gamrat SANIT

Gamrat Sanit is a polyvinyl chloride hose with helical reinforcement used for hydro-sanitary installations, among others, for swimming pools and whirlpool tubs. Its high flexibility allows to minimize the number of needed connectors.


The choice of GAMRAT Sanit flexible hoses guarantees saving money, time and more durability of the sanitary installation. A smaller number of connectors reduces the working time of assemblers, reduces costs and also makes the flow resistance much lower than in conventional installations. System components are connected using pressure fittings made of PVC-U.

The wall of the Sanit hose consists of white softened PVC material supported by a helix of hard PVC material. Their characteristic feature is the smooth finish both of inner and outer surface.

Gamrat Sanit is suitable for operation at temperatures from -10°C do +55°C.


Quality requirements:
PN-EN ISO 3994-2014,


When pressure tested at 23°C, the hoses do not fail due to collapse or fracture at pressures up to 65 kPa.


Inner diameter (mm) Inner diameter tolerance (mm) Permissible working pressure (MPa) at temperature of 23°C +/-2°C Permissible working pressure (MPa) at temperature of 55°C +/-2°C Weight (g/m) Bending radius (mm) at temperature of 23°C +/-2°C Coil length (m)
16 20 0,56 0,16 145 80 30
27 32 0,56 0,16 310 135 30
42 50 0,40 0,13 745 210 30
Wall thickness tolerance +/- 5%
Safety factor – 1:3