Deska tarasowa WPC

Terrace board

In response to the current demand we have created a modern product for finishing terraces. The terrace board made of wood composite is the flagship product of Gamrat S.A. Our innovative materials successfully replace traditional wood and exotic wood products and require less work and are more durable.


The unique character of the Gamrat SA terrace boards is the combination of wood and plastic. The carefully selected wood flour is 45% of the pure PVC is the other 45%. The addition of materials that improve product performance is remaining 10%.

Our terrace boards are resistant to changing weather conditions and retain their properties for many years. No more oiling and painting – Gamrat SA terrace board is a solid product that does not require additional maintenance. We encourage you to choose the most convenient option for you.

Rich design will allow you to adjust the finish to the aesthetics of the whole object. In addition, the terrace boards have grooves on two sides. This allows you to create a terrace with narrow or wide grooves, without the need for special materials.


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