Deska tarasowa WPC

Advantages and benefits

25-year warranty

We provide Gamrat composite terrace boards with 25-year warranty on rotting and decay. Within this time and much longer, the board will retain its properties, even in difficult
weather conditions.


We take care not only of the quality of our products, but also about the environment, so our boards have all the required certificates and are fully recyclable. Gamrat SA
also collects wastes and recycles them.

No need for maintenance and painting

Gamrat composite boards are maintenance-free. You do not have to paint or impregnate them, and they will remain in perfect condition for years to come. We recommend cleaning the boards with high pressure water (max. 100 bar) in the direction of the grooves. Avoid using cleaning machines and solvents.

Intense colours

For the production of our boards we use the highest quality pigments from world-class manufacturers. Warning! The colour of the board is stabilized after 2-3 months under the influence of sunlight and water. It is a natural process and not a product defect. Non brushed decking board after seasoning becomes tarnish and it can looks like brushed decking board.

Durable construction

Gamrat terrace boards show high abrasion resistance, resistance to varying atmospheric and biological
conditions, salt water and chlorine. And all this without the need for additional maintenance!

Non-combustible material

Having in mind the safety of our customers, for manufacturing our terrace boards we use high quality
non-flammable materials , which allowed our product to be granted with the highest non-flammability class: Bfl-S1.


Co-extrusion is a modern technology involving the production of boards composed of multiple layers.
Provides resistance to deformation and colour fastness. This also makes it possible to supplement the individual layers with additional properties. The inner layer of the board has components that increase its strength, while the outer layer has UV filters. Thus, we have created a high quality product, with unparalleled strength and its
aesthetics unchanged for years.


We always stress that the safety of our customers is a “parameter”, to which we attach the greatest importance. Thanks to the longitudinal grooves on both sides, our boards quickly and efficiently drain the water from the terrace, which prevents slipping and prolongs the life of the material. Our non-slip boards are perfect for finishing stairs and platforms.


Not just terraces and balconies! Gamrat terrace boards have also been used on sailing platforms and on the outskirts of ponds and pools. We were trusted by the owners of single-family homes, but also by large holiday complexes and hotels.


Strength and safety are not all. We take care that our products integrated with the style of your objects.
Terrace boards have intense colours, do not deform themselves and have no unsightly finishes – screws and nails have been replaced by discreet clips.

Visual qualities

It is difficult to see that our board does not consist of 100% wood. Thanks to the perfect brushing technique we have achieved a perfect imitation of nature.


On order, we can manufacture boards adapted to
the individual dimensions of your terrace. This allows you to avoid losses in the form of waste materials.

Polish technology

The technological and logistic departments and the entire machine park of Gamrat SA are located in Poland. We care about the development of domestic industry and support
our region. And this gives you constant access to the latest products and fast service.


Gamrat’s terrace board is an aesthetic solution that successfully replaces terraces with wood and exotic wood requiring finishing. Our product is not only durable and functional but it does not require time consuming and costly maintenance to look attractive for many years.

We have prepared an offer that will work in all structures of garden and park infrastructures. Our boards will be used on terraces and balconies in small detached houses, but also in large buildings such as hotels, motels and holiday homes. We help in the selection of finishes of harbours, bridges and even the edges of ponds and pools.

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