The origins of the GAMRAT SA Company date back to middle of the last century. For eight decades, we are setting standards on the market of construction materials for infrastructure and public utilities. We offer the highest quality products made of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride.

We are constantly developing and improving – initially as a state-owned company, and since May 2011 as a private company. Together with the largest shareholder – the Lentex SA from Lubliniec – GAMRAT SA builds a strong brand and takes care of being the best manufacturer in its industry market.


Our motto is: look far and measure high.

Gamrat SA takes care of the quality and development of the construction market not only in Poland but also abroad. We make every effort to ensure that our products and services meet the expectations of our customers and make it easier for them to work.


We are not standing still! To meet the needs of the growing market, we are constantly upgrading our products. Gamrat SA’s materials are the most innovative and most effective. We follow the current trends, while taking care of quality and safety.


We focus on quality, innovation and experience. We hire only the best employees – people who with their knowledge and passion contribute to the improvement of our products and services.

The three goals of Gamrat SA are as follows:

for customers: guarantee of the highest quality of products and services,

or employees: remaining a credible and attractive employer

for business: strengthening the position of reliable and timely partner, the leader in the construction materials industry.



Gamrat SA focuses on quality and professionalism. All our products meet international standards – we have ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certificates.


We don’t stop fighting for a clean environment. We have the honor to be called a nature-friendly company. Our products can be recycled thanks to modern production and technological solutions. We have the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certificate.


Gamrat SA operates on a nationwide scale and goes beyond the borders of the country, but also cares about promoting its small homeland. We are proud that we operate in south-eastern Poland, in the beautiful region of Podkarpacie. In recognition of our efforts, we have gained the title of a socially responsible company and a Patron of Sport and Culture.

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