Recommended systems for individual types of objects.


Sheds, gazebos, garages, balconies:
system 75 (gutter 75 mm with downspout 63 mm).
system 100 (gutter 100 mm with downspout 90 mm).

Small family houses:
system 100 (gutter 100 mm with downspout 90 mm).

Single family houses, apartment blocks, small and medium warehouses,
public buildings, commercial and industrial buildings:

system 125 (gutter 125 mm with downspout 110 mm, 90 mm or 63 mm).




of sheets





The innovation of Magnat gutter systems is based on bringing together traditional PVC and modern acrylic plastic. The product obtained in this way is resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays. Copper and silver colors are particularly recommended as they contain copper and aluminum particles giving them the “metallic finish. Thanks to UV filters, the colors do not fade, and after 12 years they are the same as at the time of purchase – which is guaranteed by the manufacturer


1. Roof gutter

2. Gutter connector

3. Drop outlet

4. Inner corner

5. Outer corner

6. Gutter hanger

7. End cup right

8. End cup left

9. End cup universal

10. Downspout

11. Downspout connector

12. Elbow 67,5º

13. Double socket elbow

14. Downspout fixing band

15. Revision

16. Pipe tee (angle 67,5º)

17. Downspout reducer

18. Reverse reduction

19. Mounting strip

Nietypowy trójnik o kącie rozwarcia 67,5º

Non-typical pipe tee, angle of 67,5º

Nietypowe kolana o kątach różnych od 67,5º

Non-typical elbows, various angles from 67,5º

Narożniki wew. i zew.

Inner and outer corners

Haki stalowe do obejm (z długim kołkiem rozporowym)

Steel hooks for fixing band (with a long dowel)

Haki stalowe do obejm (z krótkim kołkiem rozporowym)

 Steel hooks for fixing band (with a short dowel)

Przejście adaptacyjne


Uszczelka zapasowa

Spare gasket

Wspornik aluminiowy do obejm

Aluminium support for fixing band

Pasta poślizgowa

Gasket lubricant

Osadnik do rur spustowych

Downspout filter

Gutters and pipes are sold in bundles secured with aluminium foil and fittings are sold in cardboard boxes or foil bags. Goods packaged in foil must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

All packages can be transported on bulk pallets. Ensure that the first gutter layer is horizontally aligned on the underlays and adheres to them on the entire length. You can store them up to a maximum height of 1 m. We recommend that you secure the load and protect the sharp edges of the means of transport so as not to damage the materials. Cardboard boxes with fittings shall be transported under cover.

Gamrat SA recommends manual loading and unloading of goods. Mechanical equipment can crush system components. Packages must not in any way be thrown.


When choosing a gutter system, calculate the so-called effective roof area – the area from which the gutters and downspouts will have to drain water.

Below we present the maximum effective roof areas per one downspout for Gamrat gutter systems.

When calculating the effective roof area, use the following formula:

S = (B + 0,5 C) x L

Usefull section area

Gutter 75 mm – 33 cm²; Gutter 100 mm – 58 cm²; Gutter 125 mm – 91 cm²; Gutter 150 mm – 131 cm²

Downspout location75/63 mm100/63 mm100/90 mm125/63 mm125/90 mm125/110 mm150/110 mm
95 m2110 m2 148 m2240 m2205 m2165 m2 370 m2
48 m255 m274 m2120 m2100 m282 m2 180 m2
42 m246 m250 m290 m280 m265 m2 145 m2