The presented PVC pipe system is designed for building swimming pool systems, as well as for various technical systems used for water boosting stations, greenhouses, laboratories, agriculture and industrial plants.

The maximum working pressure for these pipes is 1.0 MPa (10 bar) at operating temperatures up to 25°C. At higher operating temperatures, factors shall be applied to reduce the nominal pressure. The maximum permissible operating temperature is 45°C.

Methods of joining

Adhesive bonding is the primary method of joining pipes and fittings (with diameters of 16-225 mm). We recommend using aggressive adhesive for PVC (for example, TANGIT or EFFAST-TITE). In the case of threaded adaptor fittings, useTeflon tape. Our consultants provide information on bonded, threaded and flanged joints, and also advise on the selection of additional elements of the system: pipe brackets andPVC-U valves.

Advantages and benefits of the system of pipes for swimming pools:

  • easy and quick to install – not requiring special equipment,
  • resistant to corrosion and limescale buildup,
  • low hydraulic resistance and high chemical resistance,
  • safe for humans health – physiologically neutral system,
  • up to 50 years without loss of quality,
  • maintenance free,
  • lower costs than for steel and copper pipelines,
  • aesthetic finish.