We offer PVC-U pressure pipes for the three operating pressure ranges: 0.6; 1.0 and 1.6 MPa. To ensure the highest quality and long lasting durability of our products, we have improved the PVC extrusion method, with the addition of stabilizers, dyes and lubricants.

They are light grey in colour with smooth inside and outside surfaces. A specially designed coupling system facilitates the installation of the various components of the system also allows mutual movement ofpipeline parts and expansion compensation. GAMRAT SA pipes can also be used in combination with traditional cast iron or steel fittings.

Method of joining

Each pipe within the diameter range of 63-630 mm has a socket at one end with a groove. Seals made of EPDM rubber are mounted in the socket in the production process.

PVC-U pressure pipes of “GW” type

GAMRAT SA is the only Polish company offers piping systems of “GW” type, used for the construction of underground pipelines and pipe networks in areas under the influence of mining activities of the intensity corresponding to the fourth category of land. The uniqueness of the “GW” technology consists in modifying the depth of the socket and enabling the system to be used without the need for compensating devices, traditionally used in mining areas.
PVC-U pressure pipes of “GW” type can be used at temperatures of up to 20°C and at pressures: 0,6; 1,0 and 1,6 MPa.