Sewer pipes from Gamrat SA are recommended for the construction of sewage, sanitary, combined and rainwater systems as well as for the non-pressurized wastewater transport.

We offer pipes with two types of sockets, joined together:

type P – pipe with a rectangular socket groove (outside diameter: 110–500 mm),
type W – pipe with an oval socket groove (outside diameter: 630 mm).

Advantages and benefits of PVC-U sewer pipes:

  • easy to install thanks to the use of functional connectors and lightweight construction (components are even several times lighter than substitutes made of concrete, stoneware or cast iron),
  • high resistance to chemicals, to corrosive and destructive effects of groundwater (even without additional protective coats) and to wear,
  • smooth internal surfaces – reducing the flow resistance, and alsoproviding the resistance to depositing of internal sediments and clogging of pipes,
  • tightness of joints – preventing the exfiltration of wastewater into the ground and the infiltration of groundwater into the inside of a sewer,
  • long service life of pipes.

Physical and mechanical properties:

Property Unit Value
Density g / cm3 1,38 – 1,40
Tensile strength
– (short-term test) up to 3 minutes
– design
MPa 48-50
Elongation at break % 10
Coefficient of linear expansion 1 / oC 80 x 10-6
Modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus)
– short-term
– long-term
MPa 3000-3200
Product forming temperature oC 120 – 130
Vicat softening point, Vicat Test B oC >=80
Thermal conductivity W/M h oC 0,16 – 0,21
Impact resistance
– at temperature of 0 oC
– at temperature of 20 oC
% 5
Surface electrical resistance OM >1012
Resistance to water freezing in the conduit not resistant – freezing destroys pipe
Flammability self-extinguishing material
Hot water absorption g / cm3 40