Constant changes in the construction of water supply, sewere, gas and telecommunications networks require the improvement of the polyethylene used for the production of pipes. The latest pipe systems from Gamrat SA provide a high level of crack resistance, which significantly increases the life of the material, while reducing the cost of construction.

TWINGAM pipes can be laid in the native soil without sand bedding and side-filling. We also recommend them for trenchless technologies. They are also used as protecting pipes for power and teletechnical cables inside and outside buildings.

We offer two types of TWINGAM pipes: single-layer (high strength PE 100RC) and two-layer (layers are molecularly connected in the production process).

TWINGAM pipe sections and fittings are joined by the following methods:

  • butt welding,
  • welding using electrofusion joints,
  • mechanical joints with compression fittings and flange fittings dedicated for polyethylene pipes.
PropertiesRequirementTest method
Test FNCT (Full Notch Creep Test)no failure during the testISO 16770
(test parameters: 4 N/mm2, 80°C, 2% Arkopal N-100, time > 8760 h)
Resistance to point loadingno failure during the testTest PLT Dr Hessela
(test parameters: 4 N/mm2, 80°C, 2% Arkopal N-100, time > 8760 h)
Resistance to slow crack growth (Notch Test)no failure during the testPN-EN ISO 13479:2009
(test parameters: SDR 11,pressure 9,2 bar, temp. 80°C, time > 8760 h)
Resistance to rapid crack propagationstoppedISO 13477:1997
critical pressure Pc ≥ 10 bar